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Support and rollout

Comprehensive customer service is what makes us stand out. We offer support at every stage of the implemented project.

Support and rollout

We are a team of specialists engaged in the design and administration of IT systems. Our company is distinguished by many years of experience and a comprehensive approach to handling IT infrastructure. We specialize in a variety of fields, providing our clients with support at every stage of their operations.


Among other things, we specialize in:


  • IT Infrastructure Administration
    We design and manage IT infrastructure, ensuring the smooth functioning of networks, servers and IT systems.
  • Resolving current issues
    Our team responds quickly and effectively to any technical problems, ensuring the continuity of business operations.
  • Assistance to Employees
    We offer technical support to employees, helping them to solve problems related to software and IT systems.
  • Hosting and server colocation services
    We provide professional hosting and server colocation services, ensuring data security and performance.

We perform advanced maintenance work. Our team has the knowledge and skills needed to perform even the most complex maintenance work, ensuring optimal operation of your company’s IT systems.

In addition, we perform regular inspections and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, ensuring the security and performance of your systems.

We offer professional technical consulting, helping our clients choose the best IT solutions to suit their needs. We organize training courses and consultations in the field of information technology, helping our clients to expand their knowledge and skills.

Jantar company is distinguished not only by the high quality of its services, but also by its individual approach to each client. We are trusted by many entrepreneurs who appreciate our commitment, professionalism and efficiency. We guarantee comprehensive IT services, tailored to the needs of your business.

Contact us today and our team will help you optimize the operation of your IT infrastructure and increase the efficiency of your work.